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Asthma Prevention

For prevention of asthma, the first line of preventive treatment is to "avoid the causes of asthma". You should try to avoid the factors that may be triggering your asthma. This includes reducing contact with anything that you are allergic to, such as animal hair or pollen. Always wash your hands after touching things that trigger your asthma, especially when stroking pets. Here some points to prevent asthma

Avoidance of Over-Eating

Instead of a heavy meal, the patient should take very light meals. Asthma is essentially a disease of over nourishment, i.e. intake of food in excess to one's ability to digest and metabolise. Therefore., patients of asthma should generally observe periodic fasts. Asthma patients should, as a rule, take a very light meal at night or they can even avoid taking any food at all. At night when the body is at rest, the digestion and metabolism becomes very low. The patient should use some other digestive stimulants, such as rock salt, black pepper, ginger and long pepper.

Avoidance of Cold Drinks And Sour Juices

A patient of asthma should strictly avoid cold drinks, ice cream and fruit juices, particularly the juice of citrus fruits. For a healthy person, cold drinks, ice cream and fruit juice are refreshing and nourishing. But for asthmatic, these things cause a lot of damage because of their properties to cause inflammation and constriction in the bronchial tubes. These things also promote ama formation. Cold drinks, ice cream etc., because of their cold and oily properties vitiate Vata and Kapha (Both doshas are the chief causes of asthma).

Avoidance of Tobacco

Tobacco, in any form, is harmful and may lead to high blood pressure or asthmatic bronchitis. Nicotine causes roughness and dryness in the body and aggravation of both Vata and Kapha. The urge to smoke indicates mental strain. One should develop the willpower to resist such rages and temptations. Smoking causes irritation in the bronchial mucosa leading to chronic bronchitis and asthmatic attacks. Some patients are allergic to tobacco fumes.

Adverse Effects of Tea And Coffee

Caffeine is present in tea and coffee. It causes hardening of the vessels, resulting in sleeplessness,anxiety and tension, thus leading to asthmatic attacks. Serving tea or coffee, has become a part of our social life today. Businessmen and administrators, take several cups of these beverages during the day and often, even at night. Excessive intake of tea and coffee should be avoided for maintaining the health of the body and the respiratory system, whereas this can be substituted with herbal tea and coffee. Ayurveda India has formulated a beverage with coffee like flavor, which can be used in any amount.

Monitor your breathing

You may learn to recognize warning signs of an impending attack, such as slight coughing, wheezing or shortness of breath. But because your lung function may decrease before you notice any signs or symptoms, regularly measure your peak airflow with a home peak flow meter.

Maintain a healthy weight

Maintain a healthy weight. For reasons not fully understood, there appears to be a relationship between obesity and increased incidence of asthma. Obese individuals who lose weight often shed symptoms of asthma as well.

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