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Eczema Diagnosed

A doctor usually diagnoses eczema or dermatitis by asking the patient all about the rash, and by carefully examining the skin. On rare occasions, it may be helpful to take a small sample of affected skin (a skin biopsy) to be analyzed under the microscope, but this is mainly done to rule out other conditions. Usually, listening to the patient (or their parents) and looking at the skin are all that's needed. Diagnosing eczema is relatively simple. It is more of a challenge finding enough time to discuss the causes and triggers of eczema, the different treatments and how to use them effectively, as well as exploring how the sufferer and their family's lives are affected.

Childhood eczema is generally a constitutional or endogenous kind of eczema, and allergy tests have a limited role and so are not routinely necessary. Face or hand eczema that starts in adulthood may be a form of contact eczema, and skin patch tests may be needed to make sure that a sufferer is not allergic to something such as their cosmetics or toiletries . Blood tests are not normally needed for eczema because it is not caused by nutritional deficiencies or internal diseases.

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