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Lichen Simplex

Lichen simplex is an irresistibly itchy complaint that appears as a stubborn, thickened patch of eczema. The initial cause is often obscure, but once started a cycle of itching and scratching is set up which can be extremely difficult to break, and it keeps the condition going. It can affect people of all ages, and common trouble sites include the outer calves, ankles, elbows and neck. The genital area, especially around the anus and the scrotum or outer vulvallips (labia majora) are sometimes affected and can cause particular embarrassment. Affected areas of skin become thicker (lichenified) and darker from repeated rubbing. Sufferers are often unaware that they are scratching, especially when they are warm and sleepy in bed at night. The most important aspect of treating lichen simplex is to break the itch- scratch cycle. As people often scratch more when they feel stressed or anxious, this complaint is sometimes referred to as 'neurodermatitis'. Anti-itch creams, moisturizers and strong topical steroids may reduce the irritation, but the key to curing this complaint is to stop scratching.

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